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We ATS Inc, are a supplier to the following Government Agencies:


DLA Land & Marine –

Columbus, Ohio

DLA Aviation –

Richmond, VA

DLA Troop Support –

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

ATS had successfully administered and delivered on more than 1,500 contracts totaling more than $21,000.000.00 in Sales.

You can browse the items supplied to end-users below, this represents a small range of products we can supply. From armored vehicle spare parts to marine and aircraft components, we cover a wide range of products and service.


We are ISO 9000 Certified & familiar with all aspects of contracting with US Agencies. We distribute & source a using a wide range of manufacturers covering all major industries. We import from all major approved vendors from Canada, South Africa, Germany and beyond – whatever it takes to meet the demands of our armed services and more.


We take our responsibility to deliver a quality approved product in a timelyAND professional manner.

Our warehouse facilities are located in Maryland where we inspect, consolidate and ship material.We are familiar with all aspects of military packaging and labeling requirements, including RFID.

CAGE CODE : American Trading Service DBA Railsupply : 0RU85


To browse all material supplied to all industries we cover, from rail, transportation, Transit and more, register and browse our members database. From there you can submit enquiries, browse our database for part numbers and description and to obtain current pricing information.

HAZMAT Material POC: Please contact Fred Khazai Phone: 301-932-7014