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Rail Supply - Instructions


When you enter the Members area for the first time, you will be requested to submit information to obtain a Username and Password. Please make a note of your Username and Password so you can reuse these next time you visit. You can have multiple users for a Company, each person within the Company who has requested a Username and Password will have access to all quotes made to the Company.

After you log on, you will be able to accomplish the following:

1 Make a price request.

It is required that you enter a customer reference number for your inquiry, this can be any combination of letters or numbers.

Enter the part number, quantity and description of the items you require pricing for. If you require more than the five lines available, simply request additional lines as you go along. Continue to enter this information on each line as required as there is no limit to the total number of items you can submit.

The description field is not required to be filled in, the OEM part number which you enter is the specification to which we will submit an offer. If you do enter a description, we will respond with the description in our database. In the event of any discrepancy, the OEM part number will determine what is supplied.

If you have a large number of items, you may also submit as an e-mail attachment in any spreadsheet format.

After you enter your inquiry, you can print out a copy of your request for your records by using the print option on your browser software.

After you finish entering the items, click on Submit.

2 View Quotes/Orders.

When we have processed your inquiry, the results will be posted here. Scroll down to your inquiry reference number. Click on the inquiry you wish to view and the details of our offer will be displayed. We will show part number, description and unit price, price extension and availability. You can again print out details of our offer by using the print option on your browser. Our offer will remain accessible in this manner for at least a twelve month period.

If you would like to order any item quoted, click on each line item in the check box in the left hand column. When you have tagged all items, click on the Submit button or Clear All if you change your mind. You can also revisit any quote and make subsequent orders if required.

Once we process your order, you can also select by order number to view the status of your order. Here we will advise details of the status of each line item.

3 Browse/Search Option

You will also have full access to the database where you can browse, searching by OEM part number or description. This is useful in either locating a valid part number or to verify if we are able to supply the part. You can search using a partial part number, not all parts are in our database as this is continually growing or we may have not received a request for that particular item in the past. If you do not see a part number you are interested in, submit a request for price anyway and we will research and respond back.

We are confident that you will find this application to be the best tool available on the Internet.

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